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Williamson Road Pawn

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Would you like to get your item back??
Get a quick and easy loan!
It's simple to get a loan, just bring in your property and:
  1. Tell us how much you would like to borrow.
  2. We will evaluate the item(s) and discuss its loan value with you.
  3. We will explain your loan terms and options.
  4. Present a valid government issued photo ID.
Sign the required documents and collect your cash
Loan Terms:
  • Loans are held for one month and may be extended longer by paying the monthly charges.
  • You must pay off your loan with cash.
  • No obligation to repay. Your pledged items are your only risk.
  • Loans as little as $10 up to $10,000 or more.
  • Loans may be paid off at any time.
  • No limit as to how many loans you can have at any given time.
ASK us if you would like to get more money!
If you do not want your item back,
you might want to sell it or trade it.
We're here for you! BUY, SELL, TRADE, PAWN
Williamson Road Pawn
   5130 Williamson Rd.   
Roanoke, VA 24012-1709
Phone: 540-563-8011
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 10am - 6pm
Sat. 10am - 4pm

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